Comments policy

The comments policy is that there are no comments, ever. I’m sorry about the misleading ‘leave a comment’ link at the end of each post – comments are actually turned off, I just haven’t figured out how to get rid of that link.

Can I email you?

No, you can’t contact me in any way. This blog is a one-way signal.

But.. but…

This blog is a way for me to find a way to figure out what I think about stuff. It’s hard enough for me to untangle my own thoughts, never mind trying to negotiate other peoples’ as well.

It’s traditional for blogs to include comments, but over the past couple of years I have seen many of my favourite bloggers, people I really admire who do important work writing about topics like sexual assault, fat acceptance, or gender issues, suffer from burnout and get sick or exhausted as a result of spending too much time dealing with comments. Reading them, moderating them, responding to them, and trying to figure out whether the occasional threats of violence are serious or not can be a real burden, especially as blogs on social justice topics seem to attract a high level of trolls (even for the Internet). Why should bloggers feel that they are somehow obliged to allow comments? It should be considered entirely optional.


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