#mooreandme Michael Moore gets (Tiger) beat down for rape apologism
December 16, 2010, 2:43 pm
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It’s really heartening to me to see the #mooreandme Twitter campaign. There is background here and here:


I’ve personally often felt torn by the communities I’ve been involved in: I get involved in groups that are based on the ideas of solidarity and mutual aid, anti-racism, anti-facism, anti-capitalism – but despite all that anti-oppression rhetoric, when someone gets sexually assaulted within the group, there isn’t any solidarity or mutual aid that gets extended to the victim, instead the victim is called a liar in order to protect the perpetrator. At best, these anarchist or anti-capitalist groups have been spaces where the oppression of women was dismissed as though it wasn’t ‘real’ oppression that the group would take time to talk about and challenge, at worst these spaces have been places where rape and sexual assault were encouraged and protected – because the rapists were well-respected members of the group, and they were too smart to use physical force to carry out rape, instead they used alcohol or intimidation, and singled out victims who were young, lacking in self-confidence, and didn’t have a solid base of friends who would back them up.

I know I’m not the only progressive woman to be sick and tired of this dynamic. Progressive men, if they want to call themselves that, need to educate themselves about rape and learn how to extend solidarity and support to rape survivors. Because progressive women aren’t putting up with this shit anymore.


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